About Us

Our vision is that humans will be able to harness the power of microbes offworld to serve Earth, carry out deep space missions, and settle other planets.

Our Mission

To enable biomanufacturing in low Earth orbit and other offworld locations by evolving strains of microbes that thrive in microgravity.

Our History

Offworld Biotech was founded in 2022 by co-founders who met through Mars University and New Space Economy conventions. The co-founders are Margarita Belali, Harley Jackson, Ian McCann, Dr James Secrest, and Terry Trevino. Every co-founder has the unique combination of being passionate about both synthetic biology and human space settlement. We started the company because we believe microbes are a crucial component to making human life multi-planetary.

Our Solution

Rapid prototyping cycles to evolve candidate strains of microbes with the goal of producing human insulin in lower Earth orbit.

Candidate strains are sent to the ISS or commercial space stations for validation

Upon successful validation, strains are patented by Offworld Biotech and used by clients to produce insulin offworld, on a royalty basis.

Microbes for crewed deep space missions and long-term space settlements, including manufacturing bioproducts for Earth.

Why Us

Open doors for space pharmaceutical companies by enabling biomanufacturing of human insulin in microgravity

Leverage offworld manufacturing facilities to produce human insulin, increasing potential for automation

Producing human insulin in space would not pollute Earth’s environment, and energy would not need to come from Earth’s power grid


  • Rapid Prototyping Cycle
  • Validation in Space
  • Patenting
  • Storage of Strains
  • Scale Microbe Applications